Plan? Course?

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New to the forum. I've done some browsing and looked a bit, but didn't quite get the direction I was looking for.

I have been in sales for 20+ years. I have no IT experience. I can build a PC without too much difficulty, which makes me the family tech guy by default. I don't have much knowledge beyond basic hardware and software. I looked at a free A+ certification study guide and understood the hardware components.

I am really not happy with sales anymore. I am on the phone constantly. I'd love to get off the phone, and work hands on. I'm fine doing what I am doing now until I get the knowledge and certifications necessary.
I honestly don't know which path to take. I know there are many, but if possible, would like to bypass the phone help desk support position.
Security, networks, cloud... all interest me, but I really don't know which road to take... My luck I'd choose a path that becomes obsolete in 2 years...
So what I am asking is what are some certifications and career paths that I can look at that I can do while working 60 or so hours a week, with my limited knowledge, without going into phone support?
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