Passed 70-698

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Doctor.. icon_lol.gif

I went trough two weeks of and the actual Microsoft book taught by an instructor. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep the book. Included with this was two weeks worth of CBT Nuggets and Transcender questions.

As much as I studied it, there were very little powershell questions (get-) cmdlets. There was one Hyper-V question and it related to having specific hardware to support.

All in all it was well rounded as per the Microsoft page as to what would be tested on.

Know the difference between Bcdboot and Bcdedit as there are plenty of questions that relate to each. Know reasons why you can and can't adjust printer settings from RD or RA and printer settings for shared printers when it comes to print times.

Other than that, read the book, use some ****, know the upgrade process and pass. Biggest thing is read the book.. I studied less **** and focused on the book and watched CBT as it correlated more than anything.

Hope this helps, best to all of you taking it!


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    Congratulations on the pass!

    My test sounds as though it was identical to yours. Very little Powershell and quite a bit of older commands. Printers / RD / RA as well as bcd commands.

    Are you going for your MCSA?
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    Thanks. Been doing some reading for this exam maybe as a Summer goal.
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    Congrats, got my 70-698 exam in 4 weeks time. Ive been studying hard with Technet, CBT Nuggets and the crappy green study guide. I passed my 70-697 a few weeks back and 70-698 seems abit easier as its more Windows 10 focused. Just hope I can still pass first time unlike my 70-697 exam. Will give me time to relax over summer.
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    Congrats. Having passed both 697 and 698 I would say 698 is slightly less difficult that 697. 697 was an utter beast of an exam. I think I aged ten years taking that exam.
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    Dumb question, which book are you referring to?
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