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Hello all,

Just got A+ Certified. I am now on to Network+. I picked up the Sybex Network+ book and I have to admit, after the A+ stuff this book seems a little small (page wise only 400+). I plan on getting the Exam Cram books as well. Will these be enough (aside from online practice exams) to prepare me for the real thing?

Any reading suggestions would be very helpful to me. Thanks.......


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    I was gonna read the Sybex when I was preparing myself for Net+, but after taking the practice questions on the first page and getting 90-ish score, I decided to use a smaller book. I didn't have much time to study. However I have all 4 semesters of CCNA done, which helped me to understand OSI, Protocols, Ports, etc. I just had to focus on camble lenghts, speed, and such.

    I used CramSession and Technotes and free practice questions.
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    I'm using the Sybex book also and it seems to be the only book you'll need. I wouldn't buy the exam cram unless you just want the extra practice tests that come with them. I used the Myers book for my A+ but also had the exam cram which I used only for the testing software and the cram sheet which I found useful on my test days.

    I think the Sybex book plus the technotes here will be enough. I'm finishing up the Sybex book now and it seems to hit on all the objectives pretty well. You can get practice tests from here, mcmcse, and at free-tests if you want to save a little bit of money.
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