is this test modern?

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ok so i failed the test.. but heres what gets me.. whats with all the questions about modems, old architechture, and a lot of **** no one uses anymore..
how am I supposed to know what sockets a pentium 2 system used? we threw those all in the trash a long time ago..

not to mention the lack of questions about 64bit, SATA, RAID, modern RAM, modern connectors etc..

ive never even seen an AT standard ! icon_mad.gif


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    Well, when you are working in the industry, (in a store/consumer level) if you do not know what a PII and a modem are (and how to use them/configure them/what works with them) you will be a pretty poor tech.

    As far as the A+ not having questions on technologies that have only come out during the past 6months to 1 year.....there are a couple reasons:
    1. the exam isn't updated just because some new technology hits the market.
    2. the exam covers topics that are still found in the industry.

    Now, just because where you work or the items you service don't seem to match what is on the exam, that doesn't make the exam bad or unfair. It is what it is, and CompTIA does provide a copy of pretty detailed objectives for all test candidates PRIOR to the exam if you go to their site. So, not knowing ahead of time that 64-bit questions won't be there, but Win9x stuff will is just poor preparation on the candidates part.

    Perhaps this will help you prepare for your next exams.


    BTW- Just today I had someone looking for a Socket 370 Heatsink/fan and didn't realize there was one on the shelf starring him in the face. Take care about not knowing the past ;)
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