Prepping for Oracle SQL 1z0-071 and 1z0-047

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I haven't worked in a database shop for a very long time, and I've never had any database certs, but I'd like to pursue some Oracle SQL certifications. As I'm thinking through this, I thought I'd share and get input on my plan.

Right now I'm thinking exam 1z0-071 (Oracle Database SQL) in the very near term (30 days). The exam is multiple choice, 100 minutes, 73 questions, need 63% to pass, and a voucher costs $245.

Then, hopefully 1z0-047 (Oracle Database SQL Expert) by July 31 (the exam retirement date). The exam is multiple choice, 90 minutes, 60 questions, need 66% to pass, and a voucher costs $245.

If things go well, I may go for Oracle PL/SQL and/or Oracle Java certifications next.


So one of the first things I started looking for is if there are discounted Oracle exam vouchers. Not so much, at least not so much that looks legit to me. But then I see:

Transcender has a combo deal on their testing system for 1z0-071 that includes 180 days of access AND an exam voucher for $205. Anyone used this? Is it really test prep and a voucher together for cheaper than a voucher on its own? Seems like a great deal! Because I've never done Oracle certs and I'm not familiar with how they do things (and I tend to be leery of things that sound too good to be true), I want to make sure I'm not missing something?? Is it just like CompTIA where all you need is a voucher and that fully covers the exam fee?

Are there other legit avenues for discounted Oracle exam vouchers?


I'm also looking for study materials. For 1z0-047 there's plenty, but for 1z0-071 (the more immediate need), not so much.

For 1z0-071, I picked up Matthew Morris' Oracle Certification Prep Study Guide, but that's all I see out right now that covers this fairly new exam. I have a couple of other Oracle SQL books, just nothing else specifying exam prep. So thinking Transcender will be a good addition. Any other sources you recommend?

For 1z0-047, I picked up Matthew Morris' study guide and Steve O'Hearn's SQL Certified Expert Exam Guide. If Transcender works out well for the first exam, I may go that route here too. Unfortunately, Transcender doesn't seems to have a voucher deal on this exam.

I've downloaded and installed the free Oracle XE DBMS (haven't played with it yet), but I recognize it doesn't have all the capabilities of the full-blown Oracle. Hoping it will suffice for exam prep.


Being new to Oracle certifications is a disadvantage, but that's always the case with something new.

The lack of exam prep materials for 1z0-071 really concerns me. I don't really know how to gauge when I'm ready to test. Hoping Transcender really helps in t his regard.

The timeline is kind of tight. No big deal for 1z0-071 since I'm in complete control for that timeline.

But I'd really like to at least give the expert exam a good try before it's retired, so that means a hard deadline of July 31 (sooner if I want to account for possibly having to re-test). I don't know yet how "expert" I need to be to pass this (I have decent basic SQL knowledge, but I'm pretty rusty), so this could wind up being completely unrealistic.

On the flip side, low pressure because this is all me (no work requirement or anything). I'm just wanting to do something different, and I used to really enjoy programming and database stuff.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and this TechExams forum doesn't seem very active. Is there a more active place where Oracle folks (or wanna-be Oracle folks) hang out?



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    Hi AverageJoe!

    I'm in the exact same spot and I'm asking the same questions.

    Have you bought the Transcender combo? Is it legit?

    Did you get your first certification?

    I'm planning on passing the 1z0-071 cert this month.

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    I got the Transcender combo -- it's legit. Really good deal.

    I haven't devoted any real time to prepping yet, but still hoping to do this. Shoot, I better get going.
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    Hello guys i on same way. But I choose for my starting 1z0-051 or 1z0-061, but more looking for 1z0-061. I am new in sql world and planning to take OCA. Can you give me any advice or share any your experience?
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    Can the moderator remove the last comment from Juliagreen... I dont think exam **** has it place here.
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