Which MCSA? 2012 or 2016

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Good Afternoon everyone,

I have been in the Networking world for a while now and im making the career change into my Server / Computing world.
I am undecided though on which MCSA to put my time into? 2012 or 2016?

Can i have you opinions please?



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    I would suggest the MCSA 2012. There is tons more material out there, the tests have been vetted for several years now, and there are a lot of people around here with that cert.

    Nothing wrong with the 2016 but most companies have just began validating 2016 and deployments aren't expected to start happening for a few months still.
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    Depends on what you run on your job.

    In our enterprise we have exactly zero 2016 servers and roughly split between 2012R2 and 2008R2. In my experience larger companies always drag behind.

    On the other hand if you aren't interested much in getting the knowledge you can use and care only about having a cert put on your resume you may consider 2016. In this case I'd go with 2016 because it would be at least interesting for me as opposed to mundane and old 2012...
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    Start with the 2012. You can always then upgrade to the 2016 at some point and then have both certifications. As Poolmanjim stated, the 2012 has plenty of study material and is still widely used by many companies. Good luck!
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