MCSE server 2012 Infrustructure - self study or boot camp?

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Hi All, I am new on this forum and I need advice. I want to prepare for MCSE server 2012 (infrastructure) but I do not have the time to go to school because I am working. Is boot camp a good idea ? if not what self study methods and materials are available to help me get this certification?

My second question, I have worked with server 2003 and 2008 mostly, (over 10yrs experience) a little on server 2012. Should I prepare for server 2016 certification or I should stick with server 2012?



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    MCSE Server Infrastructure has been withdrawn since 31 March 2017.

    MCSA Server 2012
    is still active, and the 413 and 414 exams are still available, but you will get the MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure instead.

    Where are you starting from? Do you have any exams passed or certifications?
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    Wow, thanks for that info. I have been away from IT for almost 12yrs. I have not passed any exam yet. I will start from mcsa and work my way up. I have MCP on XP since 2009.
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    This is going to be very dependent on your current experience and your individual learning styles.

    You mention you have 10 yrs experience, although you have been out of IT for 12 yrs, May I ask what experience you have and when?

    I personally would aim for Server 2016 although it is fairly recent and not as common, It will be the most relevant for a longer period of time, and not a huge knowledge gap to fill between 2012/2016.

    As for comparing the two learning methods this is really going to come down to what works best for yourself, have you attending a boot camp or done much self study in the past?
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    I have experience with systems admin and management in server/client environment up yo server 2008 and a little bit of server 2012. I was out for 2 yrs not 12yrs. Self study worked for me yrs back but it took me a long time for one exam. I've not been in a boot camp before.
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    In my opinion, bootcamps are a supplement for experienced individuals who are close to being ready for an exam, but just need a very thorough review prior to taking them.

    I would not recommend a bootcamp to folks with little experience in that particular focus area.

    You can honestly get through MCSA exams with self study, but I would combine self study and finish with a boot camp with MCSE as the last two exams are pretty difficult.
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    Thanks a lot, that's a brilliant idea. Will let you guys know what I decide. Thanks for all the help
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    I have taken many boot camps and they are, to me, just a way to get the certification to put a check mark in the box (job requirement). I didn't really learn anything. I'm currently studying for MCSA: 2012R2. I too had many years since working as a sys admin and I'm finding it very difficult. I have VMs with server 2012R2, WIN 8.1 and am using MesureUp labs, Pluralsight, Skillport,, MCSA books (Sybex and Microsoft Press) and I test my progress with Transcender, an study 20+ hours a week. There are so many new features and capabilities (Roles and Features) that have to be known (intimately) and the associated Powershell cmdlets, that I am almost discouraged. I passed the 70-410 with a flat 700. But I'm forging ahead to accomplish my goal.

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