How to get prepare for CISSP exam !

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Hi Friends ,

Searching the web , I found everybody give us their exam experience . Truly , it is very much helpful for us .

I am a new comer of this forum and try to get preparation for the CISSP exam with a lots of fear in mind .
As a new comer , I want to know actually , in which way I read a book first .
I mean ,
- How I start to read the books , is it necessary to read all points of the books thoroughly or
- Find the important points and then read , OR
- Read the Q/A more rather than finishing the whole domain .

I am very much new , so I need expert's opinions for starting the journey.

Waiting for kind reply ..


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    It all depend on your learning style and your experience. I am estimate that I am 60-70% ready for the exam, so I can help you start :)

    For me, I did a quick reading of 2 CISSP books (Sybex, Conrad) to give an idea of all information. Then as a stepping stone, I studied for the SSCP exam (a few domain overlap) with Darril Gibson' AIO book. I took and passed the SSCP in March. Then I did an assesment test for CISSP to give me an idea from my starting point. Then started a deeper reading of Sybex books. I am using Total Tester practice test and do a 50 questions test each day to keep it fresh. It help me see my weaker domains.

    Now, I am studying my weaker domain (Sec Engineering). Soon, I will do a full 250 question practice with a new questions to really asses my learning.

    It think learning is a very iterative process, read/skim, study deeper, test and go back to first step as needed.
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    I will advice you to change your mindset , otherwise, you may not be able to overcome this beast. My 2 cents.
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