Study Books for 70-410

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Title is self exaplaining really.
Was looking at this one?

Have been told to keep away from the Sybex?


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    The Sybex book isn't very good but it may still be worth reading depending on your level of experience with Server 2012 R2. If you're fairly new then you'll benefit from some of the basic concepts it teaches you but you can't rely on it to pass the exam. My biggest problem with the book (and I feel like most others feel the same) is the way it's marketed. It's marketed as a resource to pass the exam but it's really not. It's more of an introductory book and it does have its place if used for what it is. I actually read it even though my experience level was mostly well above what the book covered. The labs it includes are too basic for exam prep and it has VERY little Powershell, but again, they would be useful for someone who is somewhat new. I also used the Exam-Ref book by Craig Zacker, which was OK but still not enough to pass the exam. Truthfully, no one single resource, be it a video series, book, lab, or practice exam is enough to pass the exam alone. You need multiple resources. Although I didn't use it myself, I've heard good things about the Mastering Server 2012 book. I hope that helps a little at least. Good luck!
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    Don Poulton book is good.

    I would also suggest MOAC book which goes into more detail on CLI and Powershell.
    You can try the 2012 edition and use the R2 updates document from Microsoft to fill in the gap.
    Because 2012 edition of the book is cheaper.

    I also recommend the Minasi book.

    Good luck!
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