Real world network issue not cisco related though..

Greenmet29Greenmet29 Member Posts: 240
I hope the mods don't get upset for me posting this here, I was a frequent poster a few years ago but have gotten away from the cisco world a bit and I have a question that I think someone on here could probably answer.

I have an IP security system, q-see brand and I am trying to be able to access my cameras directly (not through the nvr) from the internet.

I have a Q-See NVR, model QT8516 and camera models QTN8041B-N and QTN8037BC.

My main network is

My Q-See NVR ( and is serving as a dhcp server on a different, unconfigureable subnet. It is giving the cameras ip addresses in the subnet, starting at

I figure that the problem is that the q-see switch isn't layer 3 so it isn't routing anything back to the 192.168 subnet.

I have a static route on my router and am able to ping, but not any of my cameras.

I would like to be able to access the cameras directly. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions of what I might do.

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