Just passed ICND1-105 with a 930!!!!

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I'm posting this because I can't believe it. As a college drop out and a mediocre student in high school that just barely scraped by, I haven't worked this hard at anything in my entire life. After failing twice and feeling unbelievably down on myself, having my boss come to me and tell me if I fail it again I'd lose my position at my company 2 days before my third attempt...I finally passed!!!icon_cheers.gif I began studying at the beginning of March and after 2 failures I finally passed it on the 3rd attempt! I've adopted a real passion for networking and am excited to get my ICND2-105, and then move on to other certifications. I'm posting this so that others don't feel discouraged after failing it once, twice, or even more than that. The fact is not everyone is a good test taker, and that's okay. When you fail just study harder,icon_study.gif it will pay off. I'd estimate that I put 150+ study hours into this exam, just to give you an idea of the amount of work it took.

My study materials include: Wendell Odom Official Cert Guide, CBTNUGGETS(awesome), and BOSON test environment(best practice exam I've found so far, and they will refund you if you fail-confirmed lol), the practice exam on this site, and the ICND1 practice exam on Cisco's site(good, not great), oh and Packet Tracer.(if you don't have a way to practice the commands you cannot pass)

So good luck to you! If I can do it, anyone can.icon_cool.gif


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    Excellent score, congrats!
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    What was the hardest part of the test?

    Can you give any advice?
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    Awesome job on the final pass and getting to keep your job! I'm glad you didn't give up (probably didn't have a choice), and you persisted and won!

    Have you taken a look at GNS3 for labbing? There are some things it does better than Packet Tracer, although if you run a lot of devices and/or VMs, you really need a lot of horsepower. Benefit is that the software is free; you just have to find the IOS images. It does support the ASA as well.

    Best of luck with the ICND2!
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    TylerD317 wrote: »
    I having my boss come to me and tell me if I fail it again I'd lose my position at my company 2 days before my third attempt...I finally passed!!!icon_cheers.gif I
    Talk about pressure! What do you do at your company?
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    Congrats on the pass and great score icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats!! Nice score!!
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    Congrats! Thats awesome man. I just started studying for the same test and hopefully I'll do nearly as well as you did! Did you any labbing other than the Packet Tracer? What do you do at your company?
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    Thanks for the support! As for what I do, I'm technical support for a company that makes ic-car video systems, bodyworn cameras, and router for police/utility vehicles. This often involves a lot of troubleshooting client's networks to make them work with our products.

    Have I tried GNS3? I'm attempting to download it for the ICND2, but every time I do it crashes. So currently re-downloading it.

    For advice on taking it...I'd say for me personally, ACL's and NAT were my achilles heel. As well as knowing EXACTLY what each show command reveals(that's a big one). Make a few networks on PT with everything you've learned so far(PT is fine for ICND1). When you learn something new recreate your environments and adjust your existing environments to incorporate what you've learned. It will show you how the different features interact. The biggest thing though for me...was boson test environment. It is very difficult, and they refunded my money when I failed the second time. But I failed with an 825 and needed an 832, it was due to dumb mistakes. Also, if you fail they'll refund you your money. :)
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    Congrats on the pass and great score too, nice one!
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    Well done on passing. Regarding Boson, when you say they refund you if you fail, do you mean if you fail the ICDN1 exam, or the Boson test exam?
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    kloppyo wrote: »
    Well done on passing. Regarding Boson, when you say they refund you if you fail, do you mean if you fail the ICDN1 exam, or the Boson test exam?
    he meant the ICND1 exam
    i hope so. lol
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    Mighty good score. Great work. Here's to many more to come.
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    GRATS!! Im sitting here in a few weeks will be glad to get this one behind me as well! Hope to have the same success you had
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