Studying for the CCNA

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Im about to start studying for the CCNA. I am going to book the exam before hand to motivate me to study it.

I have a good working knowledge of basic networking. I have a technical aptitude so I will have little problems (hopefully!) in figuring stuff out.

My question: How long should I give myself to study? Two months?

I am willing to study up to two hours every day.



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    Hello and welcome,

    2 hours per day for 2 months is doable 'if' you have a proper set of study material (or a whole bunch of experience). I.e. a good book, a good set of practice exams, and a couple of used Cisco routers and preferably a switch to get the necessary hands-on and practice for the sims.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your quick reply. I have the CCNA 3 ad 4 companion guide from cisco press and I will be doing plenty of practice tests from the internet and supplemental material I can find. I will of course, cover the more basic stuff from the internet.

    Currently, I don't think my budget will allow me to get my hands on the second hand gear. Will simulation software not provide me with the necessary tools to practice commands and configuration?
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    I think simulators, such as the one from Boson, is a lot better than nothing, but nothing beats the real thing. A couple of 2501 routers with a back to back cable is really not that expensive ($200 or less even), and if you plan to become certified for implementing and configuring Cisco equipment, you should at least have actual experience with some of their models.
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