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I have been on this site for a while browsing at Security+ reviews and comments, I have to admit when I see posts about people failing it scared me a little and those post encouraged me to study harder. Well today I took the test and pass with a 790, not the best but it got the job done. I have to admit when I hit submit I was absolute certain I failed, but what do you know.

I owe a huge thank you to Professor Messor and Darril Gibson, I didn't purchase any premium content(I don't encourage this, I am just broke) I just made sure I knew and understood the content in his book as a whole and went through the exam objectives one by one. I used crucial exams, exam compass, the practice test on this website, Professor Messors pop quizzes and study group videos. Those helped a lot. I made sure I wasn't memorizing the questions but was trying to memorize/understand the concept behind the question if that makes any sense. Memorizing questions will not help. The test was difficult, I can see now why people were saying that. I couldn't believe it was that difficult until I actually started my test. The performance based questions were not that difficult, as long as you understand the concept of everything on the exam objective, explain it, and can say what is used where or how it is used, I am sure you'd do fine. I had just two sims and 72 questions I can't tell you what the sims were because It would ruin the integrity of the test but I can say do them last flag them and come back also try your best on them and you will do fine. Absolutely take this with a grain of salt, but I think partial credit is given on them, unfortunately CompTIA will not disclose nor confirm this information.

Without any premium content it took me about 2 and a half month to get to a point where practice questions just seemed too easy and I became ready for the next level questions "the test". Just like others I started telling myself why the other answers were wrong or what the other answers meant. Just read icon_study.gif re-read, and loads of practice questions and you will be OK.

Oh and don't just breeze over the Business Continuity because it "seems" self explanatory lol actually read, understand and be able to distinguish between each plan and agreement they are gimmies, and I didn't get a lot of port questions maybe one. I can say they don't try and trick you, it is really straight forward though. Thank you everyone in the forum for your posts they gave me great insight, so I decided to share my results. on to the next.icon_profileright.gif


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