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Just passed Cisco secfnd today.
Passing score is 825 out of 1000. I got 961.
I am part of the Cisco cyber security scholarship.
As for the exam itself, nothing too special. I already have Sec+, SSCP and CEH, so pritty much most of the exam topic were very familiar. Many poorly written questions, you have to guess what they wanted to ask you.

I got a bit frustrated at the end when I was reading the report, can;t remember the exact wording, but something in line with: this is not final report. All the scores that are above the expected will be examined and if they are not convinced that you have sufficient knowledge will need to re do it.
So it seems like if you know too much you are in trouble.
Honestly I needed like 30 min to go through the test, if the questions were not so poor I would have had perfect score. And I am sure anyone with CISSP or few years of security experience will do the same. So it seems like if you know too much just on purpose answer few questions wrong so you don;t have to do it again.
Anyway will know the official result in 72h.

The material in the scholarship is enough to pass. Not really need to read extra, though I wen't through live lesson training and cisco cyber ops book... I guess I have overstudy.

As compared to other exams that I have done, SSCP and Security+ are harder exams in my opinion.
Now I have read on the forums SECOPS is a different beast... strating to prepare for it next.


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