Gn3 IOU server connection issue

Carljohnson1983Carljohnson1983 Member Posts: 18 ■■□□□□□□□□
Good Afternoon,
Bascially I have get up using the downloaded 1.5.4 GNS3 and latest version of the Virtual Machine from the GNS3 website. When i start the virtual machine it give me ip
I then try and add this as a remote server on GNS3 and its cant contact the server???
I have turned windows firewall off to no avail?

Can anyone suggest anything please?

Virtual box network setting are setup up as Adapater 1 = Host-Only Adapter and Adapter 2 = NAT
When connecting to remote server on GNS3 ip using the exact IP using port 3080 and Protocol HTTP

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