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Studying from Darril Gibson Book, right now about chapter 7, I'm incline to buy the Practice test Questions, since at the end of each chapter only limited questions for a general understanding of each chapter and to practice.

If you have used the "Practice test Questions" from Darril Gibson, can the questions be split per chapter/subject/category ?

The Sec+ exam has labs, do you suggest another resource for the Labs (Measure-up Sec + practice lab).



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    Darril's practice tests don't really have any configuration options at all. 2 best things from his tests are the random one with 100 questions and no time limit. Also his simulation questions are pretty decent.

    I'd recommend Boson Sec+ test pack. The question pack is kinda small, around 150-200, but very good questions and excellent sims too. Only downside is I think the config options in there test platform aren't so great.
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    Im using ITPro TV Videos + They have a great Practice exam

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    Mkroadrush wrote: »
    Thank you!

    The good thing about Gibsons new premium content is that he added two new simulation sections with about 40 simulation questions. I feel those we're nearly identical to my simulations on the actual exam.

    There are also 3 or 4 random(actually named random) practice test which helped prepare me pretty well. He has two or three learn more sections which have some very "thick" topics. Good to be honest. The other stuff is a rehash of his book.

    Oh and the flash cards were decent, mostly composed of left field topics that made you go back and reread SOME.

    I used his book and david L. Prowse book. IMO Gibson's book was suited perfectly for the test. Prowse book was 50% for the test and 50% for sitting an actual interview.
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    I would suggest purchasing his premium content (Darril Gibson). I used that, plus his book and listened to his audio (included in premium content) on my way to work and way home (yay crappy commute) and put about a month to a month and a half in and passed.

    You really just need gibson's stuff and a little IT experience and maybe professor messer for fun and you'll pass. Just understand why it's right and why's wrong.
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    Thank you. I'm finishing the book now, I will get the premium content, I heard good reviews, listening to professor Messer on stuff I don't understand. Every day reading.

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