Questions regarding GIAC cert renewal

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Hi all,

I am working on CPE's for my GISF certification. I was wondering what activities others with a GIAC certification use to keep their certifications active?

Currently, I'm thinking of:

1. Submitting my work experience as a security analyst for 12 CPE's (Work Experience)

2. Go to a few conferences and/or watch some of the Paul's Security Weekly webcasts for 12 CPE's (Community Participation)

3. Complete Udemy and Cybrary courses for 18 CPE's (Other Training or Events) - does anyone know if Udemy or Cybrary courses will count towards Other Training or Events CPE's? If not, can you recommend courses or providers that would?

Are there any other common activities that you would recommend or are pretty common to use towards renewing your GIAC certification? I really appreciate your help!
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    I believe so. I was able to a few things. You'll have to still add justification if your CPE's are relevant to the actual cert; but in general I've received approvals within 24-48 hour during normal business days. You can add up to 18 non ISO/ANSI based creds and for those I would put it under 'Other'; Those 18 can be split across 2 certs; it won't be the full 18 across 2, so if you add it to two certs-- it's 9 and 9.
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    When you takes a SANS 6 day course and pass the certification associated with it, you can use the course CPE's to renew one SANS certification and passing the certification exam gives you another 36 CPE's that can be used to renew a second certification. The system is pretty much geared toward paying for more training to renew your certifications. Unfortunately free methods only get you so far, you might be able to renew one certification for free, but when you have multiple SANS certs, this become impossible.
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    That is when you start looking at GSE as renewing it will renew all other GIAC certifications.
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