GCIH - I have a few questions

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The company I work for will be sending me off to get GCIH certified.

For those of you who took it, how did you index it all? Is there a website on tips on indexing? Do you have any tips for me?

Is study material ONLY offered by SANs for their certifications? If not, do you recommend something I can pick up now and start reading?

After this, I will be taking GPEN :)


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    If you really wanted to study beforehand I would just google the topics in the course outline and the exam outline. The course really does cover everything you need to know and could go in there with almost no knowledge though (in my opinion at least) and do just fine.

    You could get a book on the topics, but if you just wanted to focus on what is covered in the course that is what I would do.

    I created something like this for my index. How to Guide for making a SANS / GIAC Index with Pictures | Digital Forensics Tips
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    GIAC tests are designed to reflect the SANS courses. If you do not take the class you will certainly be at a disadvantage. Having said that, there's several people here who have successfully challenge their exams and studied on their own.

    For reference, my GCIH write up with indexing example is here.
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    Jasiono wrote: »
    If not, do you recommend something I can pick up now and start reading?

    Having a good grasp on Linux is helpful, if you don't know Linux, I'd study that before going.
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