Need to pass Project+ exam scheduled for 28th

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Like the title says I am scheduled to take this test on Friday and I am very nervous about it. Its my second attempt(661 first attempt). I am getting 60's and 70's on the kaplin prep test and the end of my term is on the 30th. Normally I would just push the date back but I guess that is not an option.(end of semester at my school) I also have to take the network+ exam this week. I have been studying both of these exams for about a month now and the WGU outlines and practice tests are just not helping me. My studying is not transferring to passing test scores. How can I get ready by friday? I am willing to study all day every day till friday, and I am a full time student with no job. I can study from when I wake up till when I go to bed. I would like some new content to study though as I have already completed ucertify and its tests in both classes with over 90% test scores. For some reason its simply not transferring when I take the Kaplin practice exam. I am not trying to sound like a whiner but I am just extremely stressed at this point.

PS I am now reading other forum posts so I can start doing some of the work suggested to other posters.


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