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I am studying for the ccent 100-105 and have a question regarding speeds of links. I am confused that it is written in my book that the speed of a serial link is 1544 kbps or 1.544 Mbps. Isn't this too slow, since right now I can speed test my laptop and 3.0 Mpbs download speed. Are serial links something that is not used anymore (some of the cisco topics seem that way)? Thanks very much for all the help.




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    I had similar thoughts while configuring RIP in Packet Tracer.
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    In a practical sense 1.5Mbps serial links aren't that common, but the underlying concepts that you learn are useful, and many translate across to more common protocols such as DSL. Conceptually, they also make it a bit easier to differentiate between the LAN and WAN, so help make some ideas a bit easier to get your head around.

    There's some other things in the CCNA that seem like they shouldn't be that common, but are, like RIP and some of the earlier STP protocols.
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    I wouldn't focus too much on serial link speeds. Rather just the theory behind it.
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