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Hi Everybody,
I'm feeling the urge for career development. Been a network engineer for about 2 years now. Achieved CCNP last year. Working on JNCIA now. I like my job and team, but need more money and need more challenges. I have faith that IT will provide.

My issue is the stress and pressure I feel when ramping up to study. Googling everything, downloading pdfs, buying books, ebaying gear... Trying to make sure the time and money is well spent and effective. And of course searching for new jobs as well. I'm in a company that I could be with forever, but I think i have to leave to get essential experiences.

So I'm stressed. Not really badly yet. Maybe a 6 out of 10. Trying to listen to chill music while I work and study. Its not helping much. Maybe I need new music.

So, how do you settle your nerves about tech, certs and life?



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    First things first, you are not in a situation where you have to get a certification in order to get a job or to keep your current job. So that is a huge plus! Smile about that!

    Second, breathe! I'm not kidding. Breathe deeply! Okay, now that you've taken a few deep breaths, it is time to get your mind in a productive state. That leads to...

    Third...joy! It is a joy to study. It is a joy to learn. It's a joy to be breathing! (Cue Joe Pesci's voice from With Honors) Joy, joy, joy!

    Last, do not overwhelm yourself. Pick a topic and ramp up to it. Google the topic. Identify some awesome resources that speak to that topic. Build a folder and place the resources in there. Then, before you place yourself in full-tilt study mode, think about it as a fun adventure to a greater future.

    When I do those things I've outlined above, I find myself learning better. Retaining more. And, most importantly, finding myself in a better place financially, relationally, physically, and mentally. And that, my friend, is a great place to end up.
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    yeah man, take some yoga classes, sweat there instead of in front of a server/switch...

    turn on some of these tunes while studying...it might get you focused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYnA9wWFHLI

    cheers & HI5!
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