failed hardware test by 9, what else to use to study

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i studied really hard, using sybex and all technotes i could find on sites including this one. the test had alot of modem questions. i pass all trancender test, the test on here i got 204 out of 261 questions right. im not sure what else to use to study with. i keep hearing mike myers all in one, but i see other opinions about it, not so good. i just dont want to waste 60.00 if its not going to help. i was confident i would of atleast passed, but test was really off about some things. somethings i havent heard of. if anyone has any sujestions , please help. real world senerios gives me a problem, this is new to me, career change here.i have another voucher to sceduale another test sometime, just dont know what to do at this point. thanks , a great site


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    A bunch of people who pass mention the Meyer's book -- so I've drawn the conclusion it's probably good -- but listen to the people who chime in here who have the A+ for the official sanctioning.....

    Yeah -- you probably want to check out a second source for studying -- always a good idea.... but for 9 points, you might just need to review what you have -- if its the current edition and does cover the required topics well (again -- listen to the others with the A+ who should be chiming in here any minute...)

    As for the practice tests -- did you do them once and do well? Or did you use them like flash cards and keep doing them until you memorized the answers for the questions?

    Anyways -- 9 points isn't much, a little more studying and review and you should be able to pass it.

    Good luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    Print out the exam objectives and use them as an outline for study. Use any and all materials to study the topics listed in the objectives. It's all in the objectives. Search eBay or Amazon for used books. Google is your friend. Use it.

    Don't rely on practice tests to gauge your readiness for the exam. Study the objectives until you KNOW the material. I always recommend to overstudy for any certification exam.

    Scenario questions are a big part of CompTIA exams now days. Better get used to it. Check out for FREE A+ study guides.
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    thanks guys for the support, i know i can do this. i read alot off of here and take in all that is said. thanks for the site to use.
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    I think the advice you received in this thread is excellent! I just wanted to mention that Christopher Crayton's A+ Test Takers Series is a supplemental source you may want to consider owning. It’s only about 500 pages and cost like 27 or 28 bucks, if my memory serves me correct. I think it is a well rounded, to the point source of information. I don't think it is as good as Meyer's AIO, but if you are already 95% to a Core pass, it may help put you over the top. It will, also be very helpful to you on the OS.

    It seems like the test questions in Crayton's book are way too easy, but in conjunction with another book and some lab work, it will help give you the background you need to become a good computer technician.

    Before I took the Core Exam, I was getting 95+ on my practice tests and still got somewhere between 8 and 11 questions wrong on the Core Exam. The Exam is tricky, no doubt about it! But, you'll get it next time. Just keep working.

    Good luck.
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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum, please note that English is not my first language so please excuse my phrasing mystakes.

    Regarding this topic, I think you might consider of having a structured way of studying for this types of exams, MCPs, A+, etc

    I have passed yesterday the A+ Core exam, I am not a tech in computer hardware and I have never been, I am only a simple computer hobbyest.
    I have study in total only 3 days for the A+ exam and Pass it with score 612.
    I decided to take and booked the exam A+ last saturday morning and booked for the 2nd of May which was giving me 3 days. (never ever studied before for A+)

    What I did is simply apply the same method as I did to pass all my MCP exams (never failed any and studied in very very short timeframes)

    What I mean by having a method is;
    (that's my recipe it might not work for you but did good for me)

    1- open a Word document
    2 -Copy and paste all the points of study mentioned by Comptia on the word doc
    3 - for each point collect all important informations as in this exemple.

    "Parallel port is - IEEE1284 - DB25 - 25 pins female - 1 byte at a time - must be IEEE1284 compliant for ECP"

    4 - study all points until you know them for sure. and of course understant what they are used for

    you will have then a concentre of informations holded in 6 or 7 pages at the most.

    Please note - only use this method if you are like myself a computer enthousiast or IT professional and at least have read some books on how computers are working.

    other note, I had many questions related to printers, most books I've used were very poor about that, I would advice to collect as much infos as you can, especialy on how to indentify a defective componants by the outputs you get from the printer.
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    That's called 'cramming', and can work well if you use it as an additional study method.

    Don't worry about your English, seems fine to me. "mystakes" should be a word. "It's mystake" :D
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    (scroll down and there are translations of it :) )
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