CBT Nuggets and Transcender

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What do you guys think about these as studying aides? I have a hard time following the videos just because I lose interest. I'd rather read a book and then do hands on. For some reason I can't watch a video and do hands on.

As for the transcender practice exams, I've been hitting about 70-80%. Do you think these tests are a good indication of the knowledge needed to pass? And, should I be shooting for higher percentages? I have a really good idea of my weak areas.


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    I keep reading that LinuxAcademy.com is really good. I am just reading thru a couple of books right now before I invest in other study material. I did get the CertMaster for 103, but have not finished going thru it. It has help me learn some new things I didn't know about Linux so far.
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    Yea, I did try Linux Academy for awhile but cancelled it after changing jobs. I get the CBT Nuggets and Transcender exams for free that's why I'm asking. If I can get by without paying anything that would be great. I also have the Sybex guide and I'm reading the free command line book online.
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    I blitzed thru the CBT nuggets videos very quickly as my first studying resource -- not so much to learn to material, but to get familiar with it and what constituted the objectives before buckling down and getting deep in other studying methods. Therefore, I recommend the CBT Nuggets videos, but I doubt they should be your main studying resource; I don't think they have all the material in them to pass.

    If watching videos isn't your thing, why not read a book?

    If you're getting 80%+ on the Transcender tests, you're probably ready and should be able to pass the exam, as long as you're not taking the same test multiple times and memorizing the answers/questions.
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    Definitely will be reading a book as well. I haven't taken the test multiple times. That's what I'm averaging on my first pass through of the questions. I've been using Linux for several years now, so I'm pretty familiar with the exam objectives. Just a few things that I don't do normally that I need to go deeper into.
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