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Transitioning (hopefully) into a pure BI role, moving away from data maintenance and upkeep.

This will be a pure BI role working with sales data, (some of my favorite).

Heavy SQL use still which is a must but I'll be working with newer technologies along side. This role has a heavy requirement gathering component which is great, I am an introvert, but I do like engaging and developing relationships as well.

I'll keep this sub community posted on any new technologies that come about if I get the job. (The interview went really well).


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    Crossing fingers!
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    I too crossing fingers.
    What was the interview, what were the questions / tasks?
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    A lot of questions about data mapping, query developing and overall data warehouse schemas and dimension types. Clearly wanted to know my understanding about sales, what type of dashboard and reports I have designed.

    It was a little stressful, but overall it was nice. I'm hoping to get a call this week.

    If you want to move into the BI space you'll most certainly need to understand data marts and warehouses. If not something tells me they would move on.

    I'll keep you posted.

    PS @ Avg sounds like I'll be working mainly with Teradata warehouses and marts. It will be my first job away from T-SQL. (Well accept many moons ago when I was working in logistics for the DOD managing inventory out of a oracle database. (Back then I barely knew how to code). I remember going to the access ad hoc query build (where we had some of the oracle tables linked to the client). I know sad..... ;)
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    Officially offered the position.

    This job will be more inline with *actioning the data to make informed business decisions. With that said, I'll be developing queries and dashboards, not reports which is really where I want to go.

    To be honest recently my experience has been ALL back end, building views, procs, tables etc. This allows me to continue to design bad ass dashboards with amazing tools. I am really looking forward to this move. (Very data heavy but more of a front end lean).
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    When do you start?
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    2 weeks from now.

    Looking forward to having the time off, no studying. Sipping wine, grilling, spending a lot of time with the family.

    It's been realllllllly nice. My last 3 days are going to be very light whether they like it or not...... (I killed myself for them last week). It was my last ounce of energy I could spend at the legacy place.
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    Nice! Congrats. Enjoy the time off and savor every moment. :)
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    Thanks geek appreciate it!
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    New runner in the race. Friday I had a phone interview, team lead position over a data analytics department, reporting up to the director of analytics. Pay is ~20k more a year, so most certainly caught my attention.

    I am slated to start on the 22nd, but if this comes through before then I'll most likely accept it.
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