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Taking the Net+ again in a few weeks however working Packet Tracer labs and watching CBT nuggets videos in the meantime.

Are the Cisco certs anything like CompTIA?

The test questions on CompTIA are nothing like the study material and are essentially all abstract scenarios that are hard to understand.

Is Cisco more direct and easier to comprehend??
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    I was in the same boat. The wording on the comptia tests are horrible and nothing like study material. I'm hoping the ccna is different
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    I would say that Cisco is pretty well organized with the amount of material it alone publishes for cert prep (Cisco Press), blueprints, etc, especially for CCNA. Also there are many other resources out there that all aid with study prep (Chris Bryant Advantage, Todd Lammle , Paul Browning (CCNA simplified), INE, Routehub, CBT nuggets).

    The key is not to focus on one type of resource or one source. I would at a minimum get 2 separate resources of reading and video. Pair that with equal amount of time invested into labbing and practice exam (Boson) and you should be very solid.
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    This is an article that describes the new CCNA v3 with exam day strategies, etc.
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