Self studying for Pen Testing + poor Windows knowledge

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My employer had agreed to fund the SEC560 course but has since withdrawn this due to a restructure icon_twisted.gif very annoying.

I had been reading the CEH book and was going to pay for that exam myself just to get me started. I'm having to re think now as it may be a bit low level and my money may be better spent elsewhere.

I have good experience and knowledge of Linux. I am very familiar with command line, basic shell scripting, average Python. I'm an ex web developer so HTML and web technology is second nature to me.

One area im weak in is Windows. I work in digital forensics so do have some knowledge of the registry and file systems. But power shell is a mystery to me and I'm a bit worried that this will really hold me back. Does this form a large part of the pen testing GPEN exams?

Other Question:

1) Should i do the CEH first just to help cement the knowledge and also use as a stepping stone? It would be nice to start getting some certifications

2) any advice on how to self study for a GPEN exam? I've got the CEH book and the hands on penetration book. Also I've now bought the Nmap book. I want to book the exam in just so I've got a date to work to and not just coasting along as weeks roll by

3) i did think maybe I should skip CEH and GPEN And just go straight to OSCP with 90 days of lab access. Would that be a better use of my money?

thanks everyone
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