Juniper and FreeBSD?

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Hi Everyone,
I've begun the JNCIA journey. Hopefully it will be a short trip. I wanted to ask how much of a Juniper life is spent in the FreeBSD shell? Is it worth learning more about it? Or is FreeBSD just seen when deploying a device? What are your thoughts?



  • ccie14023ccie14023 Member Posts: 183
    Well, I work at Cisco now, but I worked at Juniper for six years. I spent very little time in the BSD shell. It can be useful to have it, but there is little need to jump in it. Depending on how you log in, you can be dumped into the BSD shell and need to type "cli" to get to the Junos prompt, but mostly you log straight in to the Junos CLI and don't mess with BSD. That said, it's always worth learning a *nix shell if you haven't.
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    It won't hurt to know some shell commands, but honestly I wouldn't say it would help either. I've been Juniper-only for 3 years now, and the only things I use the shell for are to mount a USB if I can't ftp a software image, and to run top. Obviously everyone is different, but it really isn't necessary for me.
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