Passed Today!!!

GarmGarm Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
Scored 820. I have to say this site has been of great help.
I've used this site, Thomsons study material (which I can't recommend), Mike Myers All-In-One and CramExam2 and Google :)

I found N+ a bit harder than A+. Advice for those who haven't taken the exam yet: I think this site, the All In One and/or CramExam2 is all you need to pass if you just study hard. Like the A+ I put it off for months cause of nerves. And, like after the A+, now I know I shouldn't have but hey, that's life...

Again, Big Thanks! Now I'm off to the MCSA forum.
Can we have everything louder than everything else?


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