Live communications server 2005 problem


Im trying to set this up by following the quick sart guide. But when i try to set up the CA (certificate authority)

Setting up the CA services is no problem ,this work

then i need to install a crtificate chain on the server, no problem here
then i need to obtain a certificate, here it goes wrong:

1. On your Standard Edition Server, Server B, click Start and then click Run.
2. Type http://<name of your CA>/certsrv and click OK.
3. In Select a task, click Request a certificate.
4. In Request a Certificate, click Advanced Certificate Request.
5. In Advanced Certificate Request, click Create and submit a request to this CA.
6. In the Name field, under Identifying Information, type the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of Server B.
7. In the Type of Certificate Needed list, select Server Authentication.

i don't see where the identify information fields are, and i don't see where i need to select server authentication :s

So i pick administrator as certificate template and in friendly name , i type my servername.

But then when i want to approve the cert
i go look in the MMC, certificate authority, nothing is there in pending request icon_sad.gif
so i cant issue anything

Can anyone please help me who has done this before ?

thanx in advance
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