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    SafariBooksOnline is what I would choose. They have so many books to choose from, and they also have videos as well. I get it through the DOD and use it all the time.
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    I would do SafariBooks followed by Pluralsight. One of my former companies got us SafariBooks sub and I used it almost every day.
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    Agree Safaribooks - there's a lot of good video training on there as well, it's not just books. And they tend to have a good selection of books that should cover your IT needs. It's great to use as a reference shelf, and more than pays for itself with the access you have to all the material, which is kept up-to-date.
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    Just a comment. I've found Lynda.com is more targeted towards the end user. There is a little bit of IT pro stuff there, but Pluralsight has a lot more technical courses. And if you're going ITIL, Lynda.com is not the place for it. Unless you get some nap time at work.

    I like Pluralsight personally, but I haven't tried Safaribooks (I might after reading so many recommendations for it!).
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    If your company has any sense then they would have approached skillsoft for a corporate deal, this will have safaribooks included in the price ;)
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    I'm partial to Udemy because of the variety of topics that are there. Everything seems surface level but it's digestible enough that once you've completed a quick course there, you are left with a strong enough knowledge base to move forward in your desired field of study.
    Price isn't bad either.

    My .02
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    Pluralsight in my opinion then safari books!
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    I have enjoyed Lynda's content, but it doesn't go far enough. Udemy has a lot of courses to select and choose from (not only IT too!), so I buy courses through there one at a time when I see something I like. I compliment that with ITpro subscription and I'm all set. I haven't used Skillsoft and was never a fan of SafariBooksOnline, personally. Now Pluralsight, I really like too because they give you so much content. Slides, labs/exercises, thorough content... If it had the kind of delivery ITpro has and the practice exams that'd be my one-stop shop.
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    I would choose SafariBooksOnline
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    Just out of curiosity...is there something you don't like about ITpro.tv? Or is it just not an option on the table? I'm researching training websites too for personal use and can't figure out who's better between them and Pluralsight...

    I'm mostly looking for good videos and lab content.
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    Safari..hands down
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    I joined the IEEE Computer Society, mostly because they gave Safari Books access to their members. Turns out, they got rid of it and switched to SkillSoft the month I joined. Never got to try Safari first hand. I don't regret joining though. I am constantly blown away by how many resources the IEEE gave me access to.

    I didn't do Safari on it's own, because I can go through a lot of good books from Amazon on eBay for $40 a month.
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    Safari hands down.
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