Passed A+ Hardware today

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Hi guys. great site here. I passed with a score of 606 today. I am familiar with PC's in general and have worked on PC's of mine in the past. However, that is the extent of my on hands experience. I am attending a Computer Tech school to eventually get MSCE certified. The study materials I used to study for this exam were as follows:
1)notes from class along with Mike Myers book/tests (90+% on exams)
2)tech notes from this site
3)practice exams from this site(85+%)
4)practice exams from MC MCSE site(80+%)
5)other various small practice exams I found online

I can say the actual test today had some "slam dunks" and some very tough questions. My first 20 I thought I was going to fail, struggling like hell. Then I went into my groove and felt much better as it went on.

I want to thank those involved in this great informative site. I will continue to use resources here for future tests.



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