ISACA new CBT based Exam feedback

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hope some one took the new cbt based ISACA exam..

whats the feedback??


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    I took the CISA yesterday and preliminary results indicated passed not sure how the score ... Here is how the process went.

    I went to the PSI testing center and provided my ID. They remotely setup the test on a workstation inside the testing center. They provide ear buds if required, I used them. At the start of the test the program identifies you and the subsequent screen has a tutorial on how to navigate the questions, how to answer questions, how to flag/unflag them. You can answer them or skip them and return back using the navigation panel. Once the exam is complete there is an end test/ close the pop up window that automatically shows up after the last question. You can choose to end the test of review all the questions, but if you choose to answer the survey you forfeit the chance to go back (choose wisely). I answered all the questions with lot of flagging in 2 hours. I returned and reviewed my flagged questions and either changed answer or unflagged the question to move on. After that I took a break and returned to do a full end to end walk through to see if something sticks out .. I ended the test and walked out with 20 minutes on hand. The end of the test gives you preliminary results with note that final results are emailed in 10 business days. I had the QA database and maybe 2-3 questions were straight out of the 1200 questions (I did study for while and attempted all 1200 QA questions at home).

    Hopefully that helps ... Now I move on to CISM.

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    I took my CISA CBT exam yesterday @ 10:00AM the first available slot on the first day... I made sure on friday that there are no issues with the system and everything is on track. I got preliminary result of pass after the exam with further details in 10 days... Yay !! anyhow here is how the process went.

    I went to the PSI testing center 30 mins earlier and the testing center validated my ID and that I am not taking anything inside the testing center. They assigned the test to a PC and started the test early. The program is online testing and verifies your identity and information before proceeding further. There is a tutorial at the beginning and I had to go through it twice to make sure everything was clear before I start the test clock. The tutorial explains how to time clock on top right, the navigation panel on the top left, how to flag/unflag question, how to navigate back to them whenever you want, you can skip the questions or answer and flag and come back all using the navigation panel. The tutorial also shows how to end the test . If the questions are flagged you they come up marked grey and you have to clear the current answer before selecting new answer.

    I finished the first 150 questions in 2 hours straight. Then I spend 30-40 mins to review my flagged questions (I flagged a lot even if I wanted to review it I flagged it). Than I took a 5 minute break and returned to review all the questions again before ending the exam. I ended the exam with a short survey of how the design and user experience of the new format. The last session shows the preliminary score (pass/fail) with note for actual scoring results emailed in 10 business days.

    I had prepared using the review manual and the 1200 QA DB from 2015 and it was adequate. There were barely 2-3 questions that were the same ... mostly they changed how they ask the question. The DB is helpful though..Now I move on to CISM ... Hope this helps.

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    The CBT experience was great. No issues on my side. Once the webpage crashed, but my proctor restarted it and i continued where i left off. Took the CISA yesterday May 2nd.

    However, i will issue a warning for whomever is planning on taking the CISA soon...

    Doesn't matter anymore if you average a 100% on the Q&A database and have read the review manual from cover to cover. The CISA exam is now more of a grammar exam aimed at just confusing the hell out of you. Before all you had to do was just read the questions right, eliminating 2 wrong answers and you are good.
    Now it's ALL grammar. Frankly i feel like i wasted my time reading Domains 3-5. Hardly anything from there showed up. I think 70% of my test was weirdly worded scenario questions from domains 1 & 2.

    READ OVER and OVER: IT governance (EVERYTHING about it), IT Balance Scorecard, Capability Maturity Model, SDLC (but not focused on the types but more of the different user roles and the different test phases), BIA, Database mgmt, Risk Assessment, Change Mgmt, IT Strategy, IT Service Architecture, Policies & procedures in general, know like the back of your hand the options an IT Auditor should make when performing an audit and he makes a finding or he notices something wrong (several of those came up).

    Thats all i can remember right now. Read the whole manual, but dont expect any questions to resemble the Q&A. I think the exams have gotten much harder and more confusing. I even saw some questions that weren't even in the manual and only and experienced Auditor might be able to answer.

    I almost screamed for joy when i was done and hit the end session button & saw that i Passed. I was sure i had failed despite consistently scoring above 85% in the Q&A as prescribed by ISACA. Await my official score in 10 days.

    Dont mean to scare anyone, but that was my experience. Was pretty confident walking in, but came out completely humbled.
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    Con: My computer was freezing up after every 5 questions. Pro: you can always go back to the flagged questions.
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    Hi Sonu, Monu, Suchit and Fatboy,

    thanks for the feedback.. it helps others for the preparation
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    Anyone taking the CRISC CBT these days? :)
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    Distord wrote: »
    Anyone taking the CRISC CBT these days? :)

    Yes took it last week.
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    How was the CRISC CBT? I plan on taking it. Could you please share your experience?
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    Took and passed the CISM exam just now. The CBT experience was FANTASTIC. I'm definitely going to pursue more ISACA certs since they moved to CBT. Had I just done the paper exam, I don't think I'd do another.
    Have: CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC, eJPT, GCIA, GSEC, CCSP, CCSK, AWS CSAA, AWS CCP, OCI Foundations Associate, ITIL-F, MS Cyber Security - USF, BSBA - UF, MSISA - WGU
    Currently Working On: Python, OSCP Prep
    Next Up:​ OSCP
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    How was it rob? I'm taking the exam in two weeks as well.
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    Out of 150 questions, how many questions do you need to answer correctly to pass the CISA exam and get the "Pass" screen result? And does the preliminary "Pass" result mean that you actually passed the exam and won't possibly get an official fail result 10 days later?
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