Passed Server+

cairtakercairtaker Member Posts: 140
Sat this test and passed
Know everything about SAN/NAS (even file/block access)
Know all SCSI specs
Know all environmental/security issues of server room
Know DMI/SNMP everything (+when it boots)
Know troubleshooting
Know all termination specs/techniques
Know all types of cabling AND how speed is affected in mixed hardware environment (ATA 66 drive and ATA33) for example
Know shutdown commands for UNIX, Windows, Novell
Know Network config command also for all 3
Understand ALL fibre info
Know how to troubleshoot LAN
Know what lan analyzer does
know about MMC (windows)
Know about which OS is 64 bit compatible
Know about ERD/Rovery console
Know what bus mastering is
Know ins and outs of: controller cards, hot swap and hot spare
Thats it for now, if I think of more I'll post it.
Have a good night.
To protect and to serve(r)...


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