CCNP Route battleplan

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Just uploading a few of my materials for the CCNP ROUTE exam. Currently in the early stages of planning. All documents are still in very early drafts and may change before I start studying.


Here is flow chart of my plan for studying. I've got a few different options at each stage of studying and I'm still deciding on which of those options I'll be using. I'm leaning more towards INE as my primary video source and using the others as supplemental to help me better grok a topic.


Blueprint (Download and view in Excel):


Any input would be great! I'm thinking that I might need a little more than month on both FLG & Route Simplified. I'll need to figure out how many pages per day would be realistic to read from these books. From the quick look in the FLG it seems that there are a lot of diagrams and tables which should speed up reading time. I can guess that both books have around 600 actual pages of content each, reading 30-40 pages a day should see me around 30-40 days of reading.

Q: Does anyone have a hard copy of Route simplified? Tossing up between the physical book and the Kindle version.


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    reading the FLG in a month is bonkers
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    I think your doing it backwards, going through an entire video series has made it much easier to read the technical explanations, unless you are a book worm, I am all hands on and labbing.

    If I could avoid reading more than CLI output, I totally would :)
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    @Welly_59 I think 20 pages a day should be sustainable. I was able to do 25/day of the ICND1/ICND2 OCG so I'll have to test out how much of the FLG I can read a day and adjust my expectations.

    @ande0255 I think the layout of the flow chart might not be apparent as I've neglected to label it. Those videos on the left are inputs into reading the OCG. Read that portion of the flow chart left->right. I'll be watching a video, reading the OCG chapter then doing corresponding lab tasks. With that section being 2 months I'm hoping that I can do 1 day of reading, followed by a full day of labbing. I'll also be watching's video series upfront as a gentle/fun introduction.

    Updated diagram:

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    Whatever you do, always be labbing while studying, unless you are doing review of material you already covred - and even in that case try to lab it until its committed to finger memory and you don't even think about the commands like "conf t" :)

    That is my best advice, regardless of the material, and I wouldn't give yourself a deadline unless ones needed as you hit snags / life happens / unnecessary guilt when you need to push the date out.

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