ISACA CBT Exam Scheduling nightmare

asiru77asiru77 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□

i am trying to schedule CISM exam for last 3 days , experience is horrible and still i am not able to schedule it due to bugs and issues in their online scheduling system (either PSI or ISACA) , from last 3 days they resolve or try to resolve one issue to come to know that there is another issue affecting it (which actually i tell them every time and they don't check and verify anything before sending me email that issue has been resolved) , it's hilarious to see how the system of these so called Professional bodies are working who actually are the champions of teaching other people that actually how to design , implement and control IT systems but their own systems and processes are hopeless and full of bugs and issues and also create a question mark on the ability of the people working for these organizations
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