Cloud computing and its advantages and disadvantages?

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Guys what I understand of cloud computing is that It is a general term for the conveyance of facilitated administrations over the web, the act of utilizing a system of remote servers facilitated on the Internet to store, oversee, and handle information, as opposed to a neighborhood server or a PC. Now tell me what are its advantages and disadvantages? a few lines will be appreciated.


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    Homework? What class?
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    The advantages of using the cloud are that your infrastructure is in the cloud.

    The disadvantages of using the cloud are that your infrastructure is in the cloud.

    Hope that helps with your homework assignment.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Homework? What class?

    Plot twist: the class is for on-premises computing.
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    * Flexibility to provision infrastructure or scale up/down to meet demand
    * Only pay for what you use as a consequence of ^
    * Powerful API that lets you put basically your entire infrastructure stack in code, including database provisioning and networking
    * Resiliency. Individual instances may be less reliable than something in your VCenter cloud, but you can easily architect your environment to recover from crashes that would be fatal with a conventional colocated/on-premise environment
    * No up-front cost (huge for startups or companies looking to prototype)
    * Need less staff to manage. Partially because your entire infrastructure should be in code, and partially because you don't need to physically manage any resources
    * Easy to set up geographically disparate locations or balance your resources between multiple data centres (i.e. availability zones in a single AWS region are physical data centres)


    * Expensive as ****. Seriously, AWS can easily cost 3+ times what on-prem stuff can cost if you have static infra provisioned as on-demand.
    * You don't own the hardware.
    * As a consequence of ^, you take what you can get. Want 40 GBPS SCSI Fibre SAN with minimal latency to your instances in the same VLAN? Well, if AWS/Azure/GCE doesn't offer something like that, you're out of luck.
    * Less stable. Hardware can die, etc, so your instances may be randomly rebooted as they get moved to new hosts.
    * Some things are a lot more difficult to do compared to your own environment. I.e. converting an ISO into an AWS AMI is an arcane process.
    * Latency. Resources are spread out throughout the data centre, so you can't optimize performance as well as you might want to.
    * Wildly differing performance. VCenter can spread out and livemotion your VMs around if some physical hosts get overloaded. In AWS, you need to kill and recreate an instance if it doesn't meet your performance benchmarks.
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