ICND2 Required Study Time

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Hi Guys,

Just recently passed my CCENT and after a short couple of days of break am looking to start studying for the ICND2 this coming Monday.

Just wanted to know if anybody could give me an estimate of study time before booking the exam in.

I can't really go by how long it took me for ICND1 as I was studying on an off for a year (and giving up due to laziness) but after studying solidly for 2 months I got the exam done and passed on the 1st attempt.

During all my study "attempts" I was putting a couple of hours of solid study on weekdays plus the odd notes and videos throughout the day during commuting and at least 4 hours on the weekends.

I plan on putting in the same amount off study time every week at around 20 hours and am looking to book in the exam in 2 months time.

I understand that ICND2 is much harder and was hoping if anybody could give me an estimated time on how long to take on studying before sitting the exam?


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