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Hell good people. AWS is something I have found so interesting as such, I have bought the 3 Associate levels from Acloud Guru. I have started with the Solution Architect which I am almost ready for the test now. After that, I will follow it up with the Developer associates and the Sysop associates.

The question I have now is, to be able to follow the Developer track, do I need to be a programmer. Programming is one thing I haven't done in my line of work. I have done Networking, Security, and Administration, but not programming. AWS Developer track seem to have loads of jobs opening in London where I live. Will appreciate your candid advice.


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    To get the cert, you don't need to know programming. However, you do need to know at least a little bit about the programing ecosystem. And to get a job as an AWS developer, you would need to know how to program.

    There is no programming on the cert however. Very few code snippets are included which you can understand if you go thru the material well enough.
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    Thanks for your advice, is there a specific programming language I can learn to get a job as an AWS Developer? All the plum jobs I see around me are mostly for AWS Developers than Architect or Sysops.
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    Thanks, you are a star.
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