Have you ever seen an instructor not give a certifiate for not attending classes?

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A lot of training courses give students a certificate of completion when a training course is completed. It's really not worth anything, except to show you attended classes. It doesn't mean you listened in class, learning anything at all or passed any sort of test or exam. Sometimes employees use an employers training dollars for an excuse to take a vacation on the companies dime. They don't pay attention in class, take longer lunches, leave early and sometimes don't even bother showing up to classes at all, and go sight seeing instead. Have you ever attended a training course where an instructor refused to give a student that didn't show up to classes a certificate? Has an employer ever asked you for a copy of the certificate of completion when you returned to work the next day or week? Or you aware of any employer ask the company that provided training any feed back on how "Johnny" did in training?
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    I had an Encase training passport last year and the instructor were very strict with certificates. He clearly stated that you could miss up to 3 hours of a week-long course and get the certificate, but they would subtract what you missed from the CPEs. I personally love this approach.
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    No certificate for you!
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    Last training I went to (week long, instructor paid to fly in and visit site) he just bulk-signed blank certs at the end of the week using a dry erase marker because it happened to be nearby. Half the students were active duty military and all had fairly high level security clearances, so there was an implication of trust and responsibility going on. But still, it was very laid back. I don't believe the instructor would have thought to sign any certificates he had not been reminded by the students.

    That was last year and I still haven't bothered to apply it as CEUs, mostly because I feel like it's cheating or something. It's not, and it amazes me sometimes--how easy it is to acquire CEUs and why anyone would opt to retake and exam instead of submitting points if the choice is there.
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    No but the rule for the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course that I took was that if someone is more than 15 min late on the second day, they wouldn't be able to come in the second day. If they didn't come in on the second day, then they wouldn't be able to complete the course. We needed a certificate from the course to bring to the Secretary of State for the endorsement paperwork. *It was for passing the road test I believe

    Shoot, I made sure that I was there a few minutes early. Even though I would have passed the road test on my own, I had to repeat the training because I dropped the bike during the road test on the second day :S
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