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I see that many people have mentioned that the CCCure practice exams are some of the best for preparation and gauging your readiness to take the exam. But it looks like the site is no longer available but is. Is this the same thing and how would you rate the quality of questions on this site?


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    The website you posted is the CCCure practice exams. They are not the best but then again, nothing I've used to practice for the exam was even remotely close to the actual exam. You can try it out as everyone has differing opinions but I felt the official practice tests were much better.
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    I hated the cccure.

    I preferred the sybex and syngress online exams... in that order.
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    cccure is more for getting the "mental machinery" moving, not necessarily to mimic the types of questions you will see on the test. Also, it's free (well, maybe not anymore since the site shifted to a pay model)
    There are other options these days, if you want quality - but you might have to pay. Boson is one option, they aren't cheap though (unless your company pays)
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