What pairs best with RHCE?

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So, just like the other poster asked about his CCNP, what would be the best addition to the RHCE?
I'm thorn between pursuing the security career path and getting CISSP or moving to cloud/devops roles and getting those AWS certs.
Networking and network automation are also interesting topics, however I work in mixed network environment where I have to deal with HP ProCurve, Motorola and Watchguard devices, so pursuing Cisco or Juniper certs probably won't make any sense as I almost never deal with them.

PS Not sure if that matters, but currently I have (besides RHCSA/RHCE) Security+, older MCSA/MCSE/MCITP and expired VCP4/5 certs.
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    Well like you mentioned, you can either go the security or DevOps route. A few questions for you:

    1) Have you held a security role or shadowed a person in a security role? It might be a lot different than you think. I was in a security role 3 years ago and it was a lot different than I imagined.
    2) Can you script? I know for a lot of DevOp roles they want bash or python. With you having your RHCE, I assume you at least have some bash knowledge.
    3) Are you willing to relocate or do you want to stay where you are? Check what jobs are hot in the area you want to live in.

    I dont think you can go wrong with either. Security jobs will be around forever and DevOps is one of the hottest roles right now. I personally like to review the job listings in cities I wouldnt mind moving and then check salaries on glassdoor.


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    As far as certs go, I would say do anything AWS.

    +1 for scripting, learn bash very well.

    Pick up Puppet as well. (don't need the cert really)
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    I'm sensing the opportunity for someone to start a blog, "what cert pairs best with xxx"
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    Go for OSCP
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    Thanks for your replies!


    1) No I never held a dedicated security role, although all of my previous roles touched on security in way way or another.

    2) Yes, I can script in bash and do some basic python and powershell. I do have some background in c and java programming although it's from early 2000's era and quite rusty, but I'm somewhat familiar with algorithms/data structures/OOD/OOP (definitely forgot most of the stuff, but still have a general idea about key topics).

    3) I don't mind to relocate, but I'm already in the biggest job market in Canada, so the only other option for me would be to move to the States. Not sure how much trouble that would be.

    It seems to be roughly the same number of openings for both security and DevOps positions here and DevOps seem to pay a bit better on average, but I'm not sure about the longevity of those "hot" technologies, security appears to be more stable and safe choice.


    I've got an ACloudGuru course and plan to get at least a Solutions Architect - Associate cert. Not sure if it makes sense to get more AWS certifications unless I get a job where I would actually use AWS.
    I'm working on improving my bash skills and plan to dive into Python as well.
    I'm getting familiar with Ansible and will try to play with Puppet afterwards.


    I guess we could actually make a few sticky posts with that kind of info.


    Looks like a pretty tough cert, but I don't really see much demand for it here...
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    A little off topic, but FWIW I prefer Ansible over Puppet. By a lot.

    I think DevOps is a good look. RHCE + one AWS cert should be good enough. Then pair that with some scripting, git[hub/lab], configuration management and maybe containerization/containerization orchestration (docker, lxc, k8, mesos, etc) and you're good to go. And that one AWS cert shouldn't take long to get at all.
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    From so many job postings, and my current plan of study... Linux + AWS + Automation = $
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    RHCE pairs nicely with anything. I mean you obviously have Linux, Windows, and Virtualization experience, so its really what most interests you. Obtaining AWS certs will most definitely show that you have the aptitude for DevOps and learning some type of configuration management/orchestration software will only cement that idea. If you really want to make some money, pick up OpenStack since not many people know how to build out their own cloud infrastructure and if you can build your own cloud then you can manage AWS instances.
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    Go for OSCP

    Sounds a good challenge and pair
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    Fava beans and a nice chianti
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