Just Passed the Security Plus Exam (5/6)

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I'm very excited about passing this exam. I really want to pursue a career in security. I currently work for DOJ on a service desk. I'm thinking a network cert or CEH next. I think it makes sense to learn the intricacies of the network before I can better penetrate/hack it/harden it. Thoughts?

I passed using the Darril Gibson book and some of the premium content.
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    Good job passing the exam. If you want to learn more about networking go ahead, especially if you enjoyed the network security section from Darril's book. I think you'll find that Darril did a great job condensening a lot of the content from network+ into his book, so you'll be familer with a great deal if you do network+ or ccent.
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    I actually didn't have any networking questions at least none that I remember. While studying I struggled with subnetting, so I'm very weak in that area. I'm more of a hands on and visual learner, so I think for me to learn it I need to learn it that way. I'm convinced that I want to go the security route, but I want to learn as much as I can.

    Thanks to you both for the congratulations.
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    Congrats! I'd suggest go for Network certificate too. I was in same situation wondering if to go for Net+ but it all worth it. And at the end of the day you have to know networking too if you want to secure them properly.
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    Congratss!!! Whats next CCNA?
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    nisti2 wrote: »
    Congratss!!! Whats next CCNA?

    I'm not sure. I keep hearing CCNA or CEH. I'm confused!! Mwuahahahaha
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    Unless you have a sponsor for CEH, that will be a VERY expensive way to go. The only reason I got mine is because it was included in my WGU degree plan. CCNA is going to give you better understanding with networking, which is valuable everywhere. CEH is VERY good at checking the boxes for DOJ requirements, but not much more than that. In my opinion, the concepts you learn for CCNA far outweigh what you learn for CEH.
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    If you want to learn networking, I suggest CCNA. The ROI is greater than the CEH in my opinion. If I remember correctly, the CEH material assumes you already have basic networking knowledge, which is something you'll get while studying for the CCNA.
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    True. I really think networking is my next move. I'll look into it. Thanks!
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