Need advises for choice and revision

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I have several questions aout CCDA/CCDP, I actuallay just passed CCNA.

1) I'm looking for a good book to study CCDA instead of official Cisco book wich I find too boring.

2) I have the choice to pass the "desgn formation" or "the arch formation" each one 1 week, what do you advise ?
Is "desgn formation" is really necessary ? Because for example I passed 2 weeks formation for CCNA, but the first week was totaly unecessary.

Thank you all.



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    I agree that the CCDA official study guide book is boring, but it's the best on the market. A lot of the Cisco official books are the same way. I would suggest looking at CBT Nuggets which I used when I was going for my DA. They offer a free 7 day trial which you probably could watch the entire 5 hour series within that time frame.
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