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Anyone familiar with Salesforce able to recommend good resources? Look for mostly visual material over print but whatever recommended will work. We are moving to Salesforce next week and only a handful of people have ever heard of it. I'm looking into becoming my firms expert to increase my overall value in the company.

PS: Salesforce experts - how has your experience been like? Did you notice any noteworthy changes to your career after taking up Salesforce?
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    https://www.udemy.com/salesforce-administrator/ ;)

    But really I would look for in person training around your area. Assuming if your company wants you to become the expert on it they would have no problem throwing a few thousand at some in-person training for you.

    I have a buddy that all he does is work with Salesforce and makes good money. Says it is easy work... Don't really know much else about it personally. Have heard you can make good money doing it and it is pretty easy work once you know it. I think the reason why more people don't do it is because everyone wants someone with experience with it and getting that initial is experience is the hard part.
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    I learned a ton by completing modules in Salesforce Trailhead, it is gamified learning and it's free.

    The Udemy course looks good. Do you have experience in CRM administration? Depending on you role, you can do more basic admin stuff, or get in the technical development with processes and some coding. Best to learn what is possible, and Trailhead helps with that.
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