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Hi Guys,
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some resources/study materials that would help me obtain some HP printer certifications?


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    The actual tests are on HP's Partner Portal, https://h20198.www2.hp.com/us/

    Nowadays, (post-merger), you need to register, and I THINK you have to have a Student ID. I started my certs pre-merger, and have a Tech ID, which is different than the computer-related ID, but (again, I THINK) HP is trying to lump everything together under the student ID.

    I work for an ASP, so I am able to get into all of these sites with my outlet ID, Tech ID, or student ID. That is, until they change the rules again icon_exclaim.gificon_eek.gif

    If you'd like more info, feel free to PM.

    As far as study materials, I usually use the service manual, hand-on experience, and WTF answers. You're allowed 3 attempts per test per day, so just keep chuggin' along until you pass. There are some web-based classes available, also.
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