what kind of job can CCENT land me?

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I currently work as a Network Tech Support in a call center and i'm starting my CCENT studying now. i gave myself 6 months to get it done.

would the CCENT and this Tech support job be enough to land me a NOC job? i feel if i dont leave the call center i'll get stuck here.

my main goal is Network Engineer.
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    Im in the same boat as you, I found that roles that require only a CCENT are just a formality, as in you are still expected to know CCNA Level topics but just don't have the paper cert, even then out of say a 100 or so CCNA level jobs only like 1 has just the CCENT as a perquisite.

    Im sure if you know the CCNA level topics you should be able to get a job, however from what Ive learnt on this forum most companies require a CCNA on your CV just for them to take the time to interview you.

    Just nail down and get the CCNA done, I started STP yesterday after a couple of days off after passing the CCENT.
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    CCNA is definitely something i will work towards right after CCENT. i was just hoping i can get like an Entry level NOC job and get out the call center with my CCENT as i work on my CCNA.
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    CCENT is definitely going to show your interest, and you are most likely to get a Junior-level position. However, CCNA is going to prove your dedication. After that, focus on experience, and then maybe start the CCNP-level studying.
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