I have MSCA 2012, I want MCSA 2008 before it retires

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Hi guys,

I have MCSA 2012 but I really want the MCSA 2008 before it retires.

Is there a shortcut to getting it fast, like an upgrade version or something?
It's impossible to get before July 31 by getting all 3... advices?

Retiring on July 31, 2017
70-640: TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
70-642: TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
70-646: Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator


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    You could just take the tests, the concepts you learned to get the MCSA 2012 will still apply but the way to get items are different. I do not know why you would want to get an MCSA in 2008 if you already have the 2012 version. I do not think most companies are looking for individuals that have an earlier certification. If its to pad your resume then its not worth the effort or the money.
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    I'm not understanding why you would spend time getting a Windows 2008 Certification when you could spend the time studying for the 2016 upgrade.
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    Going to have to agree... at this point, taking the 2008 exams will be EXTREMELY difficult due to how long they've been out. They keep adding harder and harder questions as the technology ages and gets updates. Unless you have some type of practical work reason, I'd move forward not backward.
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    Whatever your reason for doing the older exams, you should be okay moving at a relatively quick pace to knock them out. There is no single-exam option for you, since you don't hold an older MCSA/MCSE, but since you already have your MCSA 2012, most of that knowledge will carry over and you'll really only have to get up to speed on older stuff that's no longer included in modern exams (or operating systems.)

    If you're set on doing it, then I say go for it. You should be able to take down 70-640 in a couple of weeks (beware, though, it's a BEAST,) the 70-642 shouldn't be mostly familiar territory, and the only thing I'd say is give yourself some extra time for 70-646 since it includes a lot of stuff - like the old version of Remote Desktop Gateway, the old version of SCCM, etc. - that may throw you for a loop if you haven't used it before. It's a little mind-bending, stepping backwards, as opposed to growing your knowledge and moving forwards to new technology. . . so don't forget to look ahead to the MCSA 2016 upgrade at some point.

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    There is no way in hades I would pay for that out of my own pocket at this point in time, I just don't see the ROI if you already have the 2012 cert.

    If your employer is subsidizing it and you feel inclined, go for it...? Good luck with whatever you decide here.
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