Darril Gibson 901 Networking question.

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So I bought the Darril Gibson 901 app. I found a particular question regarding Networking to be a bit controversial, I even called Comptia themselves and they refered to me to their "content" department".

The question posed was " which of the following is a primary benefit of statically assinging IP addresses within a network?"

A lower lantency
B lowers security risk ( correct) answer
C reduces adminstration
D simplies configuration.

The correct is is B according to this app. Rationale "When a internet protocol ( ip addresses) are statically assigned, it reduces the chances of an unathourized user plugging into the computer network and automatically receiving an ip address.

Yet i've other articles that suggest that its infact more secure with DHCP automatically assinging IP's since it can change from time to time.



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    I think it's a stupid question/answer, personally. D could be correct as well, because setting up a DHCP server is arguably more configuration work than statically assigning addresses. Arguably. As for security risk. Often times data center networks don't run DHCP which has the advantage of preventing folks from plugging their laptops in and accidentally getting on a server net. But come on, all you have to do is sniff the traffic and you can figure out what subnet to assign an address from. So, I stick with my initial reply. Stupid question.
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