Enabling pap or chap help

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I'm following a lab set up on the Chris Bryant CCNA course about PPP.

However using packet tracer i seem to run into the issue of the interface line protocol going down and saying it's disabled as soon as i enable either pap or chap.

I've made sure both routers have the same username and password, shut and no shut the interfaces and checked that ppp encapsulation is on for both serial interfaces.

Is there anything i might be missing here?


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    Use Gdrive or Dropbox to share your packet tracer file.
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    Have you tried "debug ppp auth" or "debug ppp negotiation" to see if you can spot where the error is?

    In test labs environments, I'd do maybe something like "debug ppp ?" to see what my options are, and play with those until I find the output I need. The debug output will usually almost spell out what is misconfigured, where its misconfigured, or point almost directly to what the problem is.

    I encourage you to try debugging and troubleshooting the issue to fully understand it.

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    Thanks for the response guys, i managed to figure it out, but i didn't know how to delete the thread.

    In the end a simple shut and no shut stopped the line protocol from being down. Go figure.

    Thanks again!
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