Passed Today!!!!

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Just passed this beast of an exam about 30 minutes ago and figured I'd contribute to this forum as it has been very helpful in guiding my studies.

My background:
Navy IT E-8 (ITCS) with 19yrs of experience in all aspects of IT. My experience paid dividends as it helped during my studies and while testing.

Material Used:
- Sybex CAS-002 book - I read through about 40% of the book and threw it to the side.
- Pearson (McMillan) CASP Cert Guide - Read through 10 of 17 chapters and skimmed through the rest. Also, printed the glossary.
- Cybrary IT - Listened to videos to and from work (twice). Not enough to pass, but provides a great intro/overview to the topics
- Udemy & FedVTE - Dry and Boring (I tried watching, but they made me want to shoot myself).
- Darril Gibson's Practice Test - Limited (two 50 question test), but I used these during my last week of studying. Great resource!

On and off for about 3 months (more off than on). I didn't seriously buckle down until 3 weeks before testing. Focused heavily on the McMillan book. For any concept I didn't grasp completely I scoured the internet for a better understanding. I took any practice test I could find those in the books, Gibson's, Skillport, etc., but none compared to what was on the test.

Don't approach this test as "just another CompTIA exam," as it is nothing like the others. If you don't know your s#@t (translation - understand the concepts) you can call it a rap as you're not going to pass. Go over the exam objectives and tailor your studying accordingly. Don't waste time on areas that should already be understood (job rotation, separation of duties, least privilege, etc, etc.). When you test make sure you READ the question thoroughly as some of the questions are wordy with irrelevant information which makes it easy to misinterpret, or even forget, what is actually being asked. Lastly, use this forum and research the steps others have taken in preparing for this exam.

If you're testing day comes and you feel as if you're not ready then you're probably not! On test day you should have some sort of confidence that you've prepared yourself accordingly.

Hope this helps someone.


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    Congrats sir! Hopefully I'll pass when I take it in 13 days.
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    Congrats!..very sweet!!!
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    Congrats and thanks for your advices
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    Coolio! CHEERS & HI5! you need dranks now!
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